Greetings all HPC Users,

Last month on 20 June 2022, we announced that we will be removing direct access to the HPC Login Node alongside the implementation of VPN in the near future. We have thus called for user testing on the VPN so that we could resolve all possible problems before the VPN is fully implemented and enforced.

The testing phase has been running for about 2 weeks now, and we have not received any reports or feedback on the VPN usage. We will assume that none of the HPC users that tried out the VPN encountered any problem with the VPN, thus explaining why no issue reports are received. However, not many of the users are testing out the VPN, which indicates there will be potential locking out from your account when the VPN is fully implemented.

Thus, we would like to remind you again to test out the VPN if you have not done so, as this will directly affect your access to the HPC resources in case the VPN did not work for you. If there is no other issue that we think would block users from using HPC resources due to the VPN in the near future, then we will proceed to enforce the VPN in about or less than a month from now. The link to for VPN detail can be found as followed:

Please report any issue you found when testing the VPN to our service desk. Thank you for your understanding and have a good day ahead.

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