Dear all HPC Users,

We have recently identified a bug in the OpenOnDemand HPC Dashboard module (XDMod) which prevents users with username shorter than 5 characters to be unable to access their job account details in XDMod. If you are one of those affected users previously, you should now be able to access XDMod for your job statistics.

If you have not tried out our OpenOnDemand HPC Dashboard in the past, you might want to spend some time visiting it. Documentation can be found here. Due to the reason that many users do not even know whether their allocated resources are being utilised, we strongly suggest that all users should at least understand how to access their job cpu and memory usage statistics in OpenOnDemand. It is also useful to optimize your resources allocation and planning.

So in the future, if we found out that any of your jobs are not utilising all the given resources, please do not tell us that you do not know how to verify, since all the information can be found in the OpenOnDemand Dashboard. Please be kind and responsible and take good care of your jobs.
Nonetheless, let us all work together and build a greater HPC community in UM. Thank you for your patience for all these years.

Thank you.

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