Dear DICC users,

There will be a scheduled power maintenance work on 4 Jun 2021, 10.00pm in KPPI building, thus the power supply to the server room will be affected. All existing servers will be power off so the service will not be accessible during the maintenance. The maintenance work is estimated to last for about 48 hours until 6 Jun 2021, 10.00pm.

We will be blocking job submission to the HPC cluster starting from 4 Jun 2021, 8.00pm onwards. Any job submitted before the deadline will still be able to run provided the job can finish before the deadline, otherwise the job will only start after the maintenance work is completed. 

If you believe your job can finish before 4 Jun 2021, you can set the job time limit by using --time=maximum_job_wall_time to allow the job to run. For example, –time=3-00:00:00 will set the maximum job wall time to 3 days.

Please let us know through the service desk if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

UPDATE 1: The power maintenance work has been postponed to 9 July 2021 (Friday), 10.00pm until 11 July 2021 (Sunday), 10.00pm.

UPDATE 2: The power maintenance work has been postponed to 23 July 2021 (Friday), 10.00pm until 25 July 2021 (Sunday), 10.00pm.

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